Room Divider Screens

Privatizing or dividing certain areas of the home or office has proven to be a difficult task, our mission here is to give you some advice on how to do so efficiently, elegantly and under budget. In the home arena we will be giving you advice on how to divide or privatize common space such as the living room, dinning room and family rooms. In the office arena we will be giving you design tips and advice when it comes to conference rooms, employee break rooms and shared offices.

Let us begin with the home since it is a bit more complicated than an office space because the house’s square footage was already architecturally predetermined, versus an office space which is often times a clear and open room. Fist off start by determining the area where you want to have a room divider screen installed, such as the dining room for example. This room specifically is only used on special occasions and you may not want to have it open the entire year around, start by determining if there are any architectural obstacles to the installation. If there are none then you are ready to consider the following:

  • Design style, are you looking for traditional or modern? Make sure you let your designer or manufacturing company know what you want up front, this makes everyone’s task easier and it gives you an idea of how much you will have to spend. Next you will also want to let them now what kind of screen doors you want, for example: sliding or recessed, also known as “pocket doors“.
  • If you are going with the sliding screen doors you will need to give a number of sliding screen panels and where you want them to slide to and from. If recessed, you will need to have the walls you want the divider screen doors to hide in assessed by a structural engineer to make sure its possible. All of this will help with pricing and also with brainstorming to get the project started. Keep your finish and material options in mind though, depending on the type you choose different criteria will have to be met for installation and manufacturing.
  • If you have a limited budget or don’t necessarily want to add architecturally to your home at the moment then there is a cheaper alternative to installing room dividers professionally. This alternative is found at almost any major retailer or local Ikea for reasonable prices and they are called decorative screen room dividers. These screen room dividers come in many colors, sizes, panel numbers and have a wide range as far as design style and material diversity. These are also called folding screen room dividers because of the ease in which they can be folded and stored when not needed or moved around the home.

Moving on to commercial privacy screen room dividers in the office space is much easier, to make it short and simple for you bullet points 1 2 above apply to this scenario as well. What you have to keep in mind, however is the safety of the users or employees and you can do so by hiring an interior architect to design the doors and have them installed according to your corresponding building code.


Room Divider Partition

Room divider partitions are often used in universities and colleges to divide space when needed or to amplify or downsize a room, specifically class rooms and lobbies. They are also used at high schools in gymnasiums and in auditoriums to make room for more people or to shrink the space if a performance is being put on. These types of room partitions are considered more of a commercial application versus a home application, they really are not made for home use. Installation of these in an office setting where you have conference rooms and other types of shared offices as well as in any kind of school or industrial business are almost always done by the manufacturer or a contractor is hired to do the job.

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that these kinds of room dividers are used because they eliminates the need to have to build extra interior walls that may need to be changed in the future. This means saving money on a budget, more versatility and less need for change over time to the structure of the building interior. Things that would need to be changed if new walls had to be built every few years would be electrical, support beams and possibly even minor plumbing depending on what kind of wall it is and where it is located. Here are a few cons and pros to think about if you are considering these partitions for your next big project or remodel:

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Folding Screen Room Divider

Folding screen room dividers are the easiest and quickest form of privacy one can hope, and you can get them for a decent price almost anywhere. We see them often as decorative screen room dividers in peoples living rooms, dining rooms and often in their bedrooms as privacy screen room dividers for getting dressed. These types of room dividers are very common in the residential design community as they can cover unsightly things like wall heaters, storage cabinets or can simply add a touch of class to a room in an instance without breaking the budget.

Folding screen room divider screens are also a plus because they eliminate the need to do structural as well as architectural remodeling to your home if you need a little bit more privacy in a certain area. We are sure that you will find the kind of room divider you are looking for as they do come in different sizes, colors, materials and most importantly prices. These are also very portable as they do fold and if the need to move the screens or readjust them ever arises it only takes a few minutes. Storage is also made a lot easier if you want to completely remove these from sight.

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